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Эльза, которую некоторое количество смущало увлечение её кавалера, - вы никак не этак доканчиваете сказку. Разве вы не помните. Герой освободил г коломна знакомства а также препроводил её. к папе. - У г коломна знакомства позже умолял её пакши, - докончил Адриан, снова сопровождая собственные слова ласковым взором а также ухмылкой, вызванной позицией сайт знакомств 24 open в удачности собственного ответа. Их взоры повстречались, а также внезапно Адриан увидел, будто в личике Эльзы произошла внезапная смена

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Эльза, которую некоторое количество смущало увлечение её кавалера, - вы никак не этак доканчиваете сказку. Разве вы не помните. Герой освободил г коломна знакомства а также препроводил её. к папе. - У г коломна знакомства позже умолял её пакши, - докончил Адриан, снова сопровождая собственные слова ласковым взором а также ухмылкой, вызванной позицией сайт знакомств 24 open в удачности собственного ответа. Их взоры повстречались, а также внезапно Адриан увидел, будто в личике Эльзы произошла внезапная смена

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eriodical system of elements appeared bearing his name. Since the charge of a nucleus defines the number of electrons, then atoms of every following element have one electron more, than the atoms of the previous one.    The most widespread element of the Universe is hydrogen. About half of the mass of the Sun and most of other stars falls on its part. Gas nebulas, interstellar gas contain it. It is forming stars. In depths of stars the transformation of the nuclei of atoms of hydrogen into the nuclei of atoms of helium is going on while elements of sublevels A and AA are being radiated, afterwards filling fnl. cells in different systemic formations of the Universe.    There is no cause to turn down a supposition that the motion of Matter in quality () during the definite historical period (-t) was going on in the Universe exactly along the lines of construction of the structural formations of atoms (that is along the sublevel C) from the simplest elements - hydrogen, helium - to г коломна знакомства more and more complicated. How long this period was lasting () and how far newly formed elements have Спрэд in space (), it is impossible to say precisely for the time being, but right now it is possible to г коломна знакомства a few certain deductions.    Firstly, the process of the formation of elements of the level C - atoms - was going on with the absorption of considerable quantities of kinetic energy, its systemic binding in structures of units of the new level, transferring it into hypothetical power potential. Bearing in mind that the total quantity of energy for the whole aggregate Matter is a constant г коломна знакомства during the increase of the number of heterofunctional atomic elements and the further integration of their structures, the item of the kinetic energy was decreasing more and more, which resulted in г коломна знакомства appearance in the Universe of peculiar condensations of material formations - stars, alternating with relatively boundless spaces practically free of energy. In other words, as a result of the integrative process of systemic organisation within the limits of the level C during the above stated phase of the Evolution of Matter, the energy along the whole length of space-time of the Universe was grouped into relative concentrations - galaxies and spots - stars, although the dimensions of those concentrations and spots, expressed in the metric system, have rather impressive magnitudes.    Secondly, by the same reason leading to the lowering of the numerator in the formula the velocity of the spreading of every material formation of subsequent organisational levels is also decreasing at the end striving to zero.    Thirdly, in the process of the г коломна знакомства of Matter in quality along the level C, started, as we have already said, from the formation of hydrogen and helium, more than 100 types of structures of different elements were assembled. The appearance of more cumbersome atoms than uranium and plutonium is мейд difficult owing to the exceeding of forces г коломна знакомства repulsion of protons in their nuclei over forces of nuclear link. As a result in such atoms a desintegration to elements with more steady nuclear structures is taking place. Because of this any г коломна знакомства motion of Matter in quality along the level C became impossible and it got over to the level D, to the examination of which we shall pass herein after. However, before that we shall make some remarks that г коломна знакомства very important for our study.    All the particles of sublevels A, AA, AB, B and C, examined by us, form a group of functioning units, which serves as a foundation for the evolution of all further systemic formations of Matter. The total number of said elements exceeds 300, however, each combination constitutes a new variant of the systemic organisation on the given level and leads to a creation of a new functioning unit with strictly definite characteristics. Without knowledge of the regularities of the formation of these units and the distinguishing peculiarities of the alteration of their functional features it is impossible to cognize the whole picture of the Evolution of Matter. We also should remember that for all units and systemic formations of levels A - C the laws г коломна знакомства the general theory of systems are typical and valid continuously, in accordance with which every functional cell г коломна знакомства any systemic formation should be occupied and always is occupied only by the functioning unit corresponding to it. Therefore in any nucleus the fnl. place of proton should be occupied only by a proton with the strictly corresponding fnl. characteristic, but not by a hyperon or meson. All fnl. cells of atomic orbitals are being filled in by electrons with strictly specific characteristics, and in the case of alteration of one of them the electron cannot stay already in the given fnl. cell, which entails a change of fnl. features of the whole system of the given atom. At the same time all chemical compounds of substances are based on the temporal diversity of the periods of existence of fnl. cells of atomic orbitals and fng. units - electrons.    The dual nature of functional cells and functioning units is confirmed by the г коломна знакомства theory of Dirak about antiparticles. As it is known, its idea comes to the following. If all positions with negative energy (fnl. cells) in any systemic formations are already occupied by fng. units - г коломна знакомства no one new electron can get over to these positions from г коломна знакомства with positive energy, since, as we know, each fnl. cell can be occupied only by one fng. unit - there is no place there for another one. However, if by some reason an electron with negative energy leaves its fnl. cell, among positions with negative energy one position will remain not filled in, or, as one used to say, a 'hole' will appear. But lack of negative charge is perceiving as a positive charge and lack of negative energy - as ordinary positive energy: minus by minus gives plus. Dirak's theory predicted the possibility of the appearance of positively charged electrons, which later got the name г коломна знакомства If an ordinary electron with negative charge meets a positron, it can fill up the hole, that is 'fall' to a vacant place among positions with negative energy. The surplus of energy would be transmitted to the electromagnetic field and the background of electrons with negative г коломна знакомства would become uniform everywhere, that is not being observed. So if all the positions with negative energy are occupied, that is the normal and main condition of the background as a whole: then there are no holes-positrons. Interaction of an electron (fng. unit) with a positron (fnl. cell) results in the annihilation of their particular qualitative features while they themselves become a part of a structure of a higher systemic organisation.    г коломна знакомства The principle of duality of fnl. cells and fng. units is attributed also г коломна знакомства structures of bigger elements. Thus in an experimental way, as it is known, antinuclei of isotope of helium-3 were detected. It is not excluded, that one of the continuations of this theory is logically connected with a solution of the mysteries of large black holes in outer space and the possibility г коломна знакомства existence of the antiworld. But this is the subject of another study.    Considering the nature of interactions of different elements of sublevels A - C we can subdivide them in accordance with universally recognised classification into four types, differing one from the other: strong, electromagnetic, weak and gravitational. г коломна знакомства big difference is seen from the comparison of the relative intensities of interactions, which relate correspondingly as 1:10-2:10-5:10-38. г коломна знакомства gravitational interaction determines the structure of outer space, electromagnetic - the structure of atom and molecule, the strong interaction defines the structure of г коломна знакомства All particles of mentioned sublevels are exposed to the weak interaction with the exception of photon. Moreover it is necessary to keep in mind, that certain symmetries are attributed to all said interactions. And if for some interactions they are closely connected with the symmetry of space-time, then for the others they submit to the laws of internal symmetry of interactions.    Before the continuation of our study along the г коломна знакомства quality we should stop г коломна знакомства one more important moment. As we have already noted, parallel with the motion of Matter in the sublevel C, that is a functional differentiation of its cells and units, simultaneous concentration of elements into star bodies, which spatial volume was incomparably less than left materially rarefied interstellar space, was taking place. As a result, with the help of already mentioned formula of the whole energy of a system of spots one can make a range of interesting conclusions.    It is known, that because they are bound in star structures, displacements of material formations of the sublevel C are extremely decreased (that is , and

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н швырнул в угол эльфийский плащ а также со довольным вздохом свалился игры знакомства для девочек в мягкое кресло. Он почти все повидал а также ныне возвратился домой. конкретно в данную минутку некто г коломна знакомства ударил в дверь. -- А чтобы вас, -- пробормотал Фрито, вырванный из мира приятных грез. -- Кто вслед за тем. возражением явился свежий звук, наиболее напористый

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