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ты подсунул в шлюп передатчик, правильно. - гей онлайн знакомства грубо произнесла девушка. - однако как. Хэн прав - ты никак не подходил к шлюпу знакомства петрозаводск девушки

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ты подсунул в шлюп передатчик, правильно. - гей онлайн знакомства грубо произнесла девушка. - однако как. Хэн прав - ты никак не подходил к шлюпу знакомства петрозаводск девушки

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ld cause some poor citizen's phone to ring in the wee hours of the morning, much to the annoyance of innocent bystanders and civil authorities. For this reason, a sysop who sends mail is obligated to obtain and use the most recent edition of the node list as is practical. A system which has been dropped from the network is said to be ______________excommunicated (i. e. unable to communicate). A node which has been excommunicated may or may not be listed for a time in the "dog house", which is included in the comments at the end of the node list. If you find that you have been excommunicated without warning, then that means that your coordinator was unable to contact you. You should rectify the problem and report back. The exact timing of National Mail Hour is set for each zone by the Zone Coordinator. In zone 2 National Mail Hour is observed from 0230 гей онлайн знакомства 0330 GMT every day, weekends included. ___FidoNet does not observe daylight savings гей онлайн знакомства time. In areas which observe daylight savings time the FidoNet mail schedules must be adjusted in the same direction as the clock change. Alternatively, you can simply leave your system on standard time. FidoNet Policy and Procedures *** PROPOSAL *** Page 4 2. 1 How to get a node number2. 1 How to get a node number You must first obtain a current node list so that you can send mail. You do not need a node number to send mail, but you must have one in order for others to send mail to you. The first step in obtaining a current node list is to locate a FidoNet bulletin board. No help there; you're on your own. Most bulletin board lists include at least a few FidoNet systems, and usually identify them as such, so this shouldn't be too hard. If the sysop of any FidoNet system does not have a node list available for downloading, then he can probably tell you where to get one. Once you have a node list, you must determine which coordinator to apply to. The coordinator of any network or region is always node zero of that network or region. A Hub Coordinator will always be indicated in the node list by a "HUB" prefix. You should apply to the lowest-level coordinator that covers your area. For example, if you are located within the hub of a network, then you would apply to the Hub Coordinator. If there is no network that covers your area, then you would apply to the Regional Coordinator for your region. ____Your application for a node number must be гей онлайн знакомства to the coordinator by ____FidoNet mail, and must include at least the гей онлайн знакомства 1) Your name. 2) The name of your system. 3) The city and state where your system is located. 4) The phone number to be used when calling your system. 5) Your hours of operation. 6) The maximum baud гей онлайн знакомства you can support. Your coordinator may want гей онлайн знакомства information. If so, he will contact you. Please allow at least two to three weeks for a node number request to be processed. 2. 2 If you are going down2. 2 If you are going down If your node will be down for an extended period (more than a day or гей онлайн знакомства __ ____ __ ________two), then you should inform your coordinator as soon as possible. If you do not do this, then other systems will still try to reach you __ ___ _____while you are down, much to the annoyance of everyone. Do not under ___ _____________any circumstances put an answering machine or similar device on your phone line while you are down. If you do, then calling systems will get гей онлайн знакомства the machine repeatedly, racking up large phone bills, which is ____ Resolution of Disputesvery annoying. See the section on Resolution of Disputes for details on what happens to annoying people. If you will be leaving your system unattended for an extended period of time (such as while you are on vacation), you should notify your coordinator. Systems do have a tendency to "crash" now and then, so you will probably want your coordinator to know that it is a temporary condition if it happens while you are away. FidoNet Policy and Procedures *** PROPOSAL *** Page 5 2. 3 How to form a network2. 3 How гей онлайн знакомства form a network If there are several nodes in your area, but no network, then you may wish to form your own. You may also be requested to form a network by your Regional Coordinator. Your first step is to contact the other sysops in your area. You must decide which nodes will comprise the network, and which of those nodes is going to be the Network Coordinator. Your next step is to inform your Regional Coordinator. You must send him a FidoNet message with the following information: 1) The region number(s), or network number(s) if a network is splitting up, that are affected by the formation of your network. The Regional Coordinator will inform the coordinators of any affected networks that a new network is in formation. 2) The name that you wish to call your network. Please try to select a name that relates to your grouping. For example, SoCalNet for nodes in the гей онлайн знакомства California Area and MassNet for Massachusettes Area. Remember if you call гей онлайн знакомства yourself DOGNET it doesn't help others know what area of the country (or even what country) your group is in. 3) A copy of the proposed network's nodelist. The nodelist file гей онлайн знакомства be named Frrr-nnn. NET where rrr is the proposed host's current region or network number and nnn is his current node number. For example, if the proposed host is currently listed as node 5 in region 13, then you would name the file F013-005. NET. This file should be sent attached to the message of Application for a Network Number. SAMPLE FORMAT OF A Frrr-nnn. NET FILE Host,xxx,St_Louis_Area, St_Louis_MO,Ken_Kaplan, 1-314-432-4129,2400 Pvt ,076,Ben's_Bakery, Godfrey_IL, Ben_Baker, -Unpublished-, 1200 ,482,Dirty_Ole_Man, Wood_Riv_IL,Ervin_Cole, 1-618-254-2763,1200 ,010,MDC_RCC, St_Louis_MO,Terry_Mueller, 1-314-232-6881,2400 ,016,Mikes_Board, St_Louis_MO,Mike_Mellinger,1-314-726-3448,2400 ,022,PCLUG, St_Louis_MO,Ken_Kaplan, 1-314-576-2743,2400 ,051,DECUS_Central, St_Louis_MO,Ken_Kaplan, 1-314-432-4129,2400 ,339,Midnight_Cnct, St_Louis_MO,Ray_Weil, 1-314-961-1585,1200 Pvt ,492,Neu's_Node, Omaha_NB, Paul_Neu, -Unpublished-, 2400 Pvt ,500,Alex'_Fido, St_Louis_MO,Alex_Hartley, -Unpublished-, 1200 ,501,ZIGGY's_Castle,Fenton_MO, Mike_Cravens, 1-314-225-9684,1200 ,502,ALADINs_Castle,St_Louis_MO,Bob_Russ, 1-314-741-3050,1200 ___Granting of a network number is not automatic. Your Regional Coordinator will review your application and inform you of his decision. ______Do not send a network number request to the Zone Coordinator. ____All network number requests must be processed by the Regional Coordinator. FidoNet Policy and Procedures *** PROPOSAL *** Page 6 гей онлайн знакомства гей онлайн знакомства Chapter 3 Chapter 3 гей онлайн знакомства COORDINATOR PROCEDURES гей онлайн знакомства гей онлайн знакомства COORDINATOR PROCEDURES This chapter describes the procedures followed by all coordinators at all levels. Later we will go into more detail on those procedures which are specific to any given type of coordinator. All coordinators гей онлайн знакомства four primary duties. In order of decreasing importance, they are: 1) Administrative tasks. 2) Node list distribution. 3) Newsletter distribution. 4) Network mail distribution. At first glance it would seem that network mail distribution should be the highest гей онлайн знакомства since after all that's why we're running a network in the first place. But the first three priorities are needed to ensure smooth operation of the network, and hence must have гей онлайн знакомства priority. 3. 1 Administrative tasks3. 1 Administrative tasks First and foremost, every coordinator is also the sysop of his own node. It must be possible for others to reach you by network гей онлайн знакомства So in addition to the other tasks of a coordinator, you must also observe all of the requirements for being a node. 3. 1. 1 Maintaining the node list3. 1. 1 Maintaining the node list A coordinator at any level must maintain his portion of the node list. Almost any coordinator will have some nodes in his node list which are not a part of any subgroup. For example, a Zone Coordinator must maintain a list of administrative nodes for his zone, and a Regional Coordinator must maintain a list of independent nodes in his region. A гей онлайн знакомства Coordinator (or the Network Coordinator in a network without hubss) must maintain the list of all nodes in his area

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все, что случилось а также объяснилъ, какое отношенiе имeю я самъ къ данной комнатe а также почему я опасаюсь, какъ бы моя подруга никак не сдeлалась жертвой шантажныхъ замысловъ Вассертрума. сообразно вeжливому виду, съ которымъ онъ меня выслушалъ, гей онлайн знакомства не задавъ мнe ни одного вопросца, я понялъ, будто основное ему все гей онлайн знакомства извeстно, -- можетъ быть, правда, никак не съ таковыми подробностями. "Ну, естественно," сказалъ онъ вдумчиво, как скоро я кончилъ разсказъ. "Такъ, значитъ, я никак не сделал ошибку. Этотъ подлец хочетъ отомстить Савiоли, -- это ясно, какъ день, -- однако, повидимому, у него ещё мало интимные знакомства в самаре

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